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Beltone Reviews for Promise Hearing Aids

Reviews for Beltone Promise Hearing Aids

The Beltone Promise™ hearing aid allows wearers to go about their day to day activities seamlessly and with greater confidence than ever before. The “intuitive” nature of this remarkable device is able to adapt to the changing sounds within your environment much like your own ears naturally would. Beltone Promise™ reviews from both clients and hearing care practitioners has been remarkably positive. One hearing care specialist took the time to say, “One recent client was so impressed with the quality of the sound that he really had trouble believing it. He changed his left ear program and appreciated the fact that he did not have to touch the other hearing aid to change the program. The software was amazing to work with and there were absolutely no problems with hook up.”

The Beltone Promise™ is also available in a variety of models to suit the many different needs of clients. The most popular styles include a customized completely-in-the-canal model, behind-the-ear model, as well as many others. The Beltone Promise™ also provides a smooth and natural transition automatically when going from a quiet to a noisy environment. In situations where the wearer decides to adjust one hearing aid manually, the adjustment is instantly and automatically transferred to the other hearing aid.

This ease of use and automatic transitioning is one of the many reasons the Beltone Promise™ has received so many positive reviews from satisfied customers. One of the most encouraging reviews came from a client who happened to be the first one to own and wear a pair of Beltone Promise 17™ hearing aids. This particular client goes on to say, “I received my Beltone Promise hearing aids on October 4th, a full day before offered and I must say they ‘blow my mind.’ In 20 years I’ve never heard as well as I do now. The features are simply amazing and the auto-sync and self adjusting to your environment is awesome.”

Some of the more common difficulties that people who have tried other hearing aids are their ability to hear music properly, the distraction that wind noise causes and the constant ringing of tinnitus. The Beltone Promise™ has addressed all these and other common issues allowing individuals to better hear the multi-layered nature of music, enjoy a significant reduction in wind noise as well as the ringing endured by tinnitus sufferers.

If you are considering new hearing aids, take a little time to read some of the many Beltone’s hearing aid reviews from clients that attest to Beltone’s product and service quality. The company constantly improves its hearing aids with the latest technology and remain at the forefront of high quality hearing aids available on the market. Considering hearing is very helpful every waking day and can increase quality of life, having hearing aids from a trusted top brand like Beltone is priceless.